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Driver Training Services


Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT)

Please call for pricing

       3-4 Weeks ( 121.5 Hrs )

  • Driving Time: 57 Hrs

  • Classroom Time: 47 Hrs

  • Circle Check, Air Brake, Coupling: 17.5 Hrs

Speicial discount provided to students who have previous experience with heavy equipment.  

Please call for pricing

This course is primarily designed for those who have experience in driving small trucks and trailers with manual transmission.

  • Driving Time: 15 Hrs

  • Observation Time: 15 Hrs

  • Circle Check: 5 Hrs

  • Air Brake: 5 Hrs

1 Week Course 3A

2 Weeks Course 3A

Please call for pricing

This course is designed for students who have experience in driving vehicles with manual transmission. It focuses on students with minium tractor/trailer experience. 

  • Driving Time: 30 Hrs

  • Observation Time: 30 Hrs

  • Circle Check: 10 Hrs

  • Air Brake: 10 Hrs

Class 1A, 3A, & Airbrake Training

  • Job Placement

  • Instructions Available in English, Urdu, & Punjabi​

  • Course costs include Class 1 material, Air Brake material & Logbook training.


  • ​A Valid Class 5 license (no novice restriction)

  • Class 1A medical

  • Class 1A written (with endorsement on license)

  • Proof of written Air Brake exam

Requirement for 1A Melt Course
Why Skyways?
  • One to One training

  • 4 Twin Truck Available for Instructions

  • Extra focus on Backing, Coupling & Uncoupling

  • Training Available 7 Days a Week, including Evenings & Weekends

  • Instructors certified by Ontario Safety League & SGI 

Check Our Reviews

*All course costs include Class 1 material including Air Brake material, and Log book training. We provide two road tests with each package, if the student is safe to test.

Driver Traing Anchor


Will Gerald Prokopetz, 1A Student

I went to Skyways for a one week 1A Drivers Course and founded these guys to be excellent. Easy guys to get along with, and they really know how to teach people at any skill level. If you have no experience or lots of experience, Skyways will make sure to each you at your skill level. Highly recommend Skyways!

Justin Olafson, 1A Student

I highly recommend Skyways to anyone who is interested in getting their 1A license. I went from having no experience to having my 1A in a week. The trucks are in good shape and easy to drive. The instructors were all patient and very good at teaching. All in all, its a great course at a reasonable price. 

Steve Johnson, 1A Student

Rana is a great instructor. He has a very positive attitude. I got lots of driving time and was able to obtain my license within one week.

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